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1.English Subtitles

2.Osfer Subtitles

3.Japanese Subtitles

4.Slovak Subtitles

5.Interviews (27min.)

6.Out-takes (16min.)

7.Message from Brad Foubister (7min.)

- Officially titled: 'The Amazon Chronicle -Story I- We 4 Amazon'
- This 40 minute feature was filmed in four days for around $8,000.
- Costumes, weapons and props were created/assembled by Studio-Era.com.
- The entire feature was shot without sound.
- Foley (?) provided by Sound Snap.
- All voice-overs, sound and editing was completed at Studio-Era.com.
- Original music created for 'Story I We 4 Amazon' by Dan Moxon.
- Spelling of the character names were simplified for ease of remembering.
- The Osfer Subtitles "Nay pench." should be correctly written as "Nay pensh".
- This story starts at the beginning of Book III of The Amazon Chronicle.

- - - - -

Please keep in mind this was not intented to be viewed as a stand-alone feature, but was created as a pre-pilot to show television executives. (What is a pilot ?)

Technically, this would be referred to as a 'demo' as the original purpose was to give producers an image to work with before deciding on proceeding with The Amazon Chronicle as a project.

The author is presently working towards having The Amazon Chronicle made into a television series.

The DVD, including all 7 videos shown above, is available for purchase here.
All finances from DVD sales will go towards creating mini-episodes of The Amazon Chronicle.

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