The Amazon Chronicle - Book I - Taysha - Lost Daughter of the Amazoi

Book 1
Lost Daughter of the Amazoi

In a moment of panic and luck, Taysha escapes an attack on her village only to survive alone with nowhere to go.

Unable to return home, the young woman of 14 sets out on a quest to find the Great Water in time to join her slain family and brethren before they board the boat to the eternal Westlands.

Yet an act of unexpected kindness from a foreign boy changes Taysha's course and with it, the future destiny of the world's history and myth. For it is through Taysha that the stories of the mighty Amazon women would one day be born.

The Amazon Chronicle -Book II Part I- Taysha - First Chieftess of the Amazoi

Book II Part I
- Taysha -
First Chieftess of the Amazoi

Reunited with a handful of escapees from the Hoorg Massacre, Taysha's joy is short-lived as a struggle for leadership ensues.

Not content to live the life of a woman in a settled tribe, young Taysha moves aggressively to gain control of her remaining people and secure their future.

Knowing security for the first time in years, the Amazoi move to establish trade and expand their population while learning the secret new 'art' of war and the power of their new bows.

The Amazon Chronicle -Book II Part II - Rafeltu - Father of the Amazoi

Book II Part II
- Rafeltu -
Father of the Amazoi

With no time to fully mourn their great loss from the Slave War, the Amazoi and their allies take the fight to doors of their enemies.

Having outgrown their small valley, the Amazoi receive word from the Goddess Uverbim through the mouth of one of their own. The word is they must move, or die where they are.

A period of uncertainty and lack of confident leadership brings the Amazoi to a point of limbo as their numbers steadily increase over the years. And with it, a restlessness to discover their true destiny as a people.

The Amazon Chronicle -Book III Part I - Pechka - Rise of the Amazoi

Book III Part I
- Pechka -
Destiny of the Amazoi

In a cold, calculated act of revenge, three young Amazoi warriors kidnap a woman from a neighbouring tribe.

Though knowing revenge had been served in the deaths of the two who had come to rescue their captive, Daela decides to bring their prize back to the village in hopes of receiving praise for avenging the deaths of their sisters.

Unknown to the Amazoi, this golden-haired woman would give them their greatest weapon, while leading them on the first step towards changing from a small nomadic tribe, to becoming a powerful nation.

The Amazon Chronicle -Book III Part II - Ulforta - Empire of the Amazoi

Book III Part II
- Ulforta -
Rise of the Amazoi

An act of justice by the Amazoi against the violators of Pechka opens a new understanding of how they can safely make it through the numerous tribes to the Great Water.

Instead of killing the populace, they would force them to fight along side their warriors as they make their way to the open Southlands.

Their new combination of horse, Amazoi Bow, and expedable troops create a seemingly unstoppable force, but will it be enough to subdue each tribe before they unite against the barbarians from the North?

The Amazon Chronicle -Book IV - Daela- Fall of the Amazoi

Book IV
- Daela -
Fall of the Amazoi

With the sudden rise of the Amazoi creating envy among their neighbours and shaky alliances, their small empire is quickly wrought with trials and troubles. Being forced from their capital of Torik by over-whelming forces, the choice of what to do is abandoned by the weary leaders of the Amazoi.

By the mischief of the Gods, it is Daela who ends up in charge of her people at their worst time since the Hoorge Massacre.

And it is she who must make the final decision of their future path.