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Conquered Ground History & Speculation

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Book I

Book II

The New Home Second Home Anshe Village
Slave War Start The Bedchamber The Roost
Lolak Tribe Touratak Ambush Village of Blue Pool
Wide Valley Village Wide Valley War Village Between the Falls

Book III

Links to specific places & events in Book III will be available from 2016.

Book IV

Links to specific places & events in Book IV will be available from 2016.

Total Area Conquered by the Amazoi

1st Tribe 2nd Tribe 3rd Tribe 4th Tribe 5th Tribe
6th Tribe 7th Tribe 8th Tribe 9th Tribe 10th Tribe
11th Tribe 12th Tribe 13th Tribe 14+ Tribes

History and Speculation connected with the story

City of Troy Woman Warrior Remains Biai/Urartu Kingdom
Trapezus Colony City of Kutaisi Colony of Panticapaeum
Wedic/Anshe Origins Gorgippia Colony Colchis Region

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