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The Amazons en masse

Amazons in Wikipedia
Wikipedia: Always a good place to start.

Women Warriors of the World
Documented warriors of different cultures.

Short Amazon Story
A short story titled: The Amazon Chronicles. (with an 's')
A more 'traditional' tale closer connected to the Amazon of Greek myth, nearer the time of the Trojan Wars, as suggested in The Illiad.

The Amazon Nation
A simple, one-paged website with links to stories, poetry and moving quotes of fact and fiction.

This US television company has a short, yet fantastically informative write-up on actual archeology digs by Jeannine Davis-Kimball. (See:Jeannine Davis-Kimball below)
Video for the program can be purchased here.

The Amazons
Yet another Amazon write-up. There's something to be learned in each one.

Modern Women Warriors of Kurdistan
There are several websites and videos out there, but seeing as articles come and go, I've decided play it safe and simply to link to Google images.
(Just don't bother watching the 'Vice' video. Somehow they like sending whiny, hipster-wannabe, numb-nut "reporters" who completely ruin what would be a fantastic bit of journalism.)

The Woman who found the Amazons
A great interview with Dr. Jeannine Davis-Kimball on WomanThougArtGod.com
I would like to add that, though the website is a bit different by some standards, I am very grateful for it's creator, as it has led me onto various important information.
Dr. Davis-Kimball also has a book out: Warrior Women.

Dr. Davis-Kimball's writings
Titled: Ancient Nomads, Female Warriors and Priestesses Written by Dr. Davis-Kimball regarding her findings during the excavations at Pokrovka
Complete with a few photos of the dig, weapons and the female skeleton.

Warrior Women of Eurasia
More information on archaeology digs.

Myth & History of the Amazon
Wanting to support any writings on the Amazons, I found a book titled: On the Trail of the Women Warriors by Lyn Webster Wilde.
Her blog can be found here.

Mythical Amazon Queens
A list of the Greek names for the Amazon Queens of myth.
Though not directly relevant to The Amazon Chronicle, mention could be made of Lyssippe (3rd on the list) and the city of Themiskyra. (Just in case there is another extension of The Amazon Chronicle).

Anti-Sexism, Equality and Human Rights

(Youtube Video) This young woman eloquently expresses and accurately shows the gender marketing that I have had a distaste for since I was a young man.

Aphrodite Wounded
Run by a woman who has been an activist for abused women for 22 years, her beautifully organised website focuses on the difficult subject of 'partner-rape'.

Making Sex Work
A fantastic speak-out by some of Youtube's feminist video-bloggers regarding prostitution.
(You can read my view on feminism here )

Miss Representation
A great online counter-attack to the stupidity that we have been bombarded with via the media. It's definitely something I can stand behind.
Quick link to the simple message on Youtube can be found here.

Interview with Femen founder
Full marks to whoever got this interview. I am a solid supporter of Femen after researching the number of abducted women from the Ukraine and other countries. There's a special connection to it for me because their symbol is strangely similar to the Amazoi Tribal Symbol that I created back in 1984.
Take up arms if needed, sisters! Keep the fight!
- See the Wikipedia entry for Femen as a starting point for more information.
- Here is a 34min documentary on Femen: The Topless Warriors

Amazons of the Ukraine
An appropriate follow-up to Fema, this group of young women live in nature and train in the martial arts.
A great article: here

Jenna Marbles
I realise her sense of humour is not for everyone, but I have been steadily impressed with this girl's (woman?) video blogs.
She ain't 'keeping it real', she just is real. I particularly like her ability to enjoy her own femininity without it being a crutch or excuse.

Fantasy Amazons
I have chosen to include this link in the anti-sexist column because I refuse to shy away from it just because I'm afraid I might get a nasty email.
I stand with those of both genders who can admire the female form without degradation while still being able to speak out against exploitation.
That being said, though the 'gore' aspect of this website turns me off and a lot of the photos are kinda cheesy this is the only website of its kind. I see what the creator is attempting to accomplish. Besides, it's chalk-full of topless Amazon babes.
I am unapologetic.

Women of History

Women in world history
Great for hours and days of reading both fiction and facts from history and the present day. My favorite is the 'Biography' section.

Female Samurai
More proof that the female warrior stretched throughout almost every culture.

Female Warriors
A fantastic, and dare say ultimate, list of female warriors, military commanders and duelists!
I am glad to see my favorites: Alfhild and Gorwel Gyllenstierna on the list, though I could add names of favorites almost as long as the website.

Persian Warrior Women
A starting point for those specifically interested in the female leaders and warriors of ancient Persia and the surrounding area.

Top 10 Bad-Ass Women of History
The image of a woman in armour, sitting on a throne and leaning casually on one arm in the direction of the speaker, leaves me in total awe.
(Boudicca would have had my sword, even if I was a Roman.)

Weapons, Armour and Trinkets

Outrageously Awesome Armour for Women
I had to start with this one.
This women from Quebec constantly creates leatherwork that makes my eyes water.
She is the one that made the closest model to the Amazoi armour I have yet to see: here
She even uses a possible Amazoi model on her French website here

Wooden Arrows
Beautiful wooden arrows

Weapon & Armour Forum
I've found forums are the best place for information as the members aren't there to sell you something, and most times your questions have already been asked and answered.

Valhalla Leathercraft
An assortment of different leather armours & and pieces. (Click the 'Full Sets' for the goodstuff)

Recursive Bows I bought the bow used in the Pilot on E-bay, but I'm sure I'll be purchasing the next few from here.
(Note: I have not used these services yet, and can not yet vouch for their business ethics.)

Scythian Recursive Bows
Another recursive bow shop.

Golden Boar Armoury
Ooooh, pretty. I want to go to there.

Cultures & Other Influences
-that made their way into The Amazon Chronicle-

The Mosuo
For anyone who found the marriage/anti-marriage culture of the Amazoi confusing or down-right unbelievable; Here is a tribe that actually retained its unique culture up to the present day in China.

Women Who Bathe Together
For those who saw little meaning behind the importance of the Amazoi bath.

The Scythians
A few interesting facts of the unified tribes known as the Scythians.
Several distinctive traits were shared by the Amazoi.
(A Google search of 'Scythian' will give you more than a day's worth of study)

The Ossetians
A short, but great write-up that gives you the idea of the amount of swinging back and forth the cultures, peoples and languages of the Caucasus underwent, and how they can be linked from the Amazons to King Arthur.

History of the Ukraine
The best example that offers an insight of what larger family the Amazoi belonged to.
Scroll down a bit to the grey 'Nomadic Civilizations' chart. You'll see The Amazon Chronicle falls neatly in between the time power of the steppes north of the Caucasus transfered from the Cimmerians to the Scythians.
(Further down the page, you may also note the image of the Scythian holding the rare rectangular shield that was particular of the Amazoi)

Caucasus History
Timeline and historic findings of the Caucasus Mountains.
The Amazon Chronicle would fit between 800 and 700 BC.

Tribal Nudity
For those who found the Amazoi acceptance of nudity too far-fetched.
(The actual documentary is 50 minutes and worth the watch to see the social games between the men & women and the wrestling not included in the (extremely short) sample video).
Otherwise, a video of a Brazilian television that went out to the Yawalapiti so their 'actresses' could wrestle is amusing and can be seen: here

Fighting Topless
For those who felt Taysha's training to be a bit gratuitous, or simple wishful thinking on my part. A duel in 1892 between Princess Pauline Metternich & Countess Kilmannsegg.
(If anyone can tell me the artist of the top photo, please let me know)

Same-sex Warrior-Lovers
The list is almost as long as any other topic, I've gone with the Sacred Band of Thebes, as it is most unkown and a short column.
There is of course the stories of the sexual practices of the Spartans and Alexander the Great, but nothing is so clearly stated/proven as the Sacred Band.

The Woman's Spirituality Movement
I desperately wish practicing pagans would come up with something better than calling themselves 'witches' or 'druids'.
I get the 'reclaiming the word' concept. But I don't use the word 'nigger' any more than I would use the swastika (a 3,000 year old symbol representing Life) to decorate my home. It's simply because I've come to accept that some things can't be re-claimed.
But really, that's just my personal hang-up. Just because two words don't sit well with me doesn't mean they are bad, or that I don't have something to learn from their knowledge.

Study of Eurasian Nomads
Hard-core student-type stuff here, but it gives vital keywords to expand from.
(Such as the Pokrovka Warrior Women)

Sexual Paradox
Various cultural, historic, mythical, philisophical and spiritual views of human sexuality.

Swearing Internationally
For those who felt the vulgar vocabulary unsuitable for the dainty Amazoi.
Swearing is a remarkable insight to a people's way of thinking.
As I have mentioned here, the words that are used by a culture, affect the culture itself.
(Bonus: 9 Most Devastating Insults from Around the World)

Coming of Age
For those who felt the descriptions of the Amazoi Coming of Age ceremony a little 'uncomfortable' or unneccessary.

Photos of Abkhazia
A good start to give you an idea of the surroundings of The Amazon Chronicle. Turning the 'photo' option on in the Google maps from the Maps page is also very informitive.

Reignless Horseback & Archery
(Video) An example of bareback archery. (Archery starts around the 6 minute mark)

Speed Archery
(Video) Ah, what I wouldn't give to have this girl in The Amazon Chronicle TV series.

Amazoi Hut
I detest calling it a wig-wam, but that is what is closest to the Amazoi hut structure. Although the top would be covered with deer or boar hides.

Those who helped

This is mostly a list of people who gave me their time, advice, or product for free in support of my journey to complete The Amazon Chronicle.

Linda Foubister
Definitely first on the list, Linda is one of the many interesting coincidences I've experienced creating The Amazon Chronicle. Not only is she related to me, learned of ancient myths and goddesses, she is a published author and lives driving distance away.
Absolutely brilliant. She's been a great advisor and help. So, go buy her books!

The 'Let's dress up like our favorite era and play' group for grown-up-kids. A lot of the members helped out (especially the two kind gentlemen in our Pilot) It's a fun, large group of nifty-nerds and valiant-geeks, with one or two extremists best left alone . . .

Free and easy to follow statistical-counter to log website visitors, including Google keywords.

Video player for websites. Free and easy to understand and set up. No catches. No bullshit.

Sound effects, music clips and foley. Huge selection. Easiest to navigate.
(It used to be free, so I'm just giving credit for helping me finish the pilot)

We've used the free version for 10 years now and apart from the odd annoying quirk, we are yet to be hassled, spammed or abandoned by the company.

Yeup. Good old Google.
Though I absolutely hate that stupid new layout for Google Images, especially when I try to use my drag-to-open option in Firefox and it jumps around like it's "trying to help me" (Made by the same asshole-programmers that created that talking paperclip in Word, maybe?)


Still, I cannot deny that without Google, there's no probable way I could have accumulated the information that went into The Amazon Chronicle in a lifetime. Not to mention I am completely at their mercy when it comes to the Google Maps. :-/
(Please don't delete my maps...)
So, thank you Google. And change that bloody image layout for those who don't want to spend the day screwing around with Firefox.